Hello everyone, Stephanie here! We’ve been getting a lot of questions about development in several areas of Other World Mapper. So, I decided to post a breakdown of what the […]

New Art

Hello everyone! I thought I would let you in on something we’ve been working on. We’ve received a lot of request for making more artwork available, so we’re working on […]

Grid Tutorial

Summary Grids in Other World Mapper are drawn as an overlay on top of the map. The grid can be shown/hidden with the Show Grid option in the Map menu […]

Layers Tutorial

Summary Each item in Other World Mapper is drawn on its own layer and some items can be drawn or placed on others as children. Items can be managed through […]

Imported SHP.

Summary One of the features we added with the first release candidate was the ability to import real cartographic data (SHP format) into Other World Mapper. This lets you start […]

V0.9.2 and Basic Version

We added a basic version of Other World Mapper with limited artwork and only overland mapping tools. Of course the full version with dungeon and city tools is still available. […]

Space Map

We are very excited to announce that we have finished regression testing and our first release candidate is out! Thank you to everyone for getting us this far, we couldn’t […]

Release Candidate Regression Testing

It’s been a while since our last blog! We’ve been working towards the first release candidate and we are entering regression testing this week. We hope to have the release […]