Mac Beta Release Set for June 29

Hello everyone! We’re still here and working hard on the Mac release. Last month we moved to regression testing. We encountered a few issues that took longer than expected to work out. However, these issues have been fixed and we’re back on track! We are setting a hard Beta release date for June 29. No matter what, Mac Beta testers will have something in their hands on that date. Please look forward to it!

-The Three Minds Software Team


  1. really waiting for this. There is no affordable mac cartography creating software out there! I don’t need to create thousands of maps. I’m a fantasy author and I just need to sketch my world/s to get my head straight!
    Goddess speed your progress!


    1. Glad you are looking forward to it! 🙂
      First (public) Beta release is coming out today and hopefully it won’t take long to get a first release candidate after that. We’ll make an announcement later.

      Thank you!


  2. Looking Forward to the Mac Release! Hopefully later today?


    1. Definitely releasing today. Hopefully in the next couple of hours! 🙂


  3. Hi. Looking forward for the Linux version…

    Could you share an update?



    1. Not doing a Linux release today. However, the port for Mac was actually a cross platform port. So most of the work is already done. We’ll have an update for Linux users very soon!


  4. Eagerly awaiting to put the Mac beta through is paces. Have a palace, City, country, and two worlds to map for my story in progress.

    Happy to hear things are on track.


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