V1.0.6 Released

Hello Everyone! Last week we released V1.0.6 with several new features and issue fixes, including some older ones. This is the last of the planned V1.0.X releases and the next […]

V1.0.4 Released

Hello Everyone! We’re back to doing more frequent releases with a few new features and issue fixes. We are aiming to continue this and have another minor release out within […]

V1.0.3 Released

Hello Everyone! Initially intended for last year and after a long delay we finally released V1.0.3. We apologize for the lack of updates and the time between releases. Platform Stairs […]

V 1.0.2 Released

Hello Everyone! Today we released version 1.0.2! We’ve added a couple new tools and a bunch of new options in this release. Contour Tool This new tool acts much like […]

V1.0.1 New Features and Linux

Hello Everyone! Today we released version 1.0.1! A lot of new stuff comes with this release: Native Linux Support We finally have a Linux release! With V1.0.1 comes native Linux […]

Mapping Contest

Hello everyone! Inspired by all the awesome maps you keep sending us, we’ve decided to hold a map contest! Map submissions will be accepted from now until July 31st. We […]

Feature List Tutorial

In Other World Mapper you can create custom feature lists. You may select features from different art sets and categories or a subset of features from a category. This is […]

Hello everyone! V0.9.7 is now out for Windows and OSX! For this release we focused on fixing known issues and completing functionality. With this release we added support for OSX […]

Item Notes Tutorial

Other World Mapper lets you add notes to items. This can be done by right clicking on an item and selecting Item Notes. You can also select an item and […]

V0.9.6 Released

This is a short update. Yesterday we released V0.9.6 of Other World Mapper. It addresses various minor issues from the switch to a new UI. We also added a new […]