V1.0.6 Released

Hello Everyone!

Last week we released V1.0.6 with several new features and issue fixes, including some older ones. This is the last of the planned V1.0.X releases and the next version will take us to the V1.1.X branch and several changes to the engine and additions to Other World Mapper.

Brush Features

You can now click and drag to place multiple features and configure “brush settings” with options for size, rotation and placement jitter, as well as the ability to select multiple features.

Feature brush

Label Background

The labels now have the option to add a background shape. This can be used to create signs and legends without needing an additional shape.

Label Backgrounds

Multipath bridges

Bridges can now have multiple branches, so they can be used to make piers and boardwalks.

Multipath Bridges

Guidelines (V1.0.5)

In V1.0.5, we added configurable guidelines to help align items and draw to a precise size

Guidelines in use

Smaller Additions

  • Added option to include metadata (author info, description, etc)
  • Landmasses can follow other landmasses and items
  • Added soft edge to outer edge of Contour Regions (V1.0.5 change)
  • Added light blocking for features (V1.0.5 change)
  • Added option for grid label starting number (V1.0.5 change)
  • And multiple small changes and several issues for Windows, OSX and Linux

We are excited for what’s coming with V1.1.X and hoping we can have a first release by the middle of the year!

– The Three Minds Software Team (Stephanie, Katie and Alejandro)

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