dungeon master

V1.0.6 Released

Hello Everyone! Last week we released V1.0.6 with several new features and issue fixes, including some older ones. This is the last of the planned V1.0.X releases and the next […]

V1.0.4 Released

Hello Everyone! We’re back to doing more frequent releases with a few new features and issue fixes. We are aiming to continue this and have another minor release out within […]

V1.0.3 Released

Hello Everyone! Initially intended for last year and after a long delay we finally released V1.0.3. We apologize for the lack of updates and the time between releases. Platform Stairs […]

V 1.0.2 Released

Hello Everyone! Today we released version 1.0.2! We’ve added a couple new tools and a bunch of new options in this release. Contour Tool This new tool acts much like […]