V 1.0.2 Released

Hello Everyone!

Today we released version 1.0.2! We’ve added a couple new tools and a bunch of new options in this release.

Contour Tool

This new tool acts much like the region tool, but is specialized to show differences in elevation. You can set the color of each section, spacing style, blend and more!

Light Source Tool and Dynamic Lighting

This tool lets you add a light source with a single click, and can be set to be a point of light or a spotlight, and has many options to customize the look.

With the addition of light sources, this release also brings in dynamic lighting for certain items, like Walls and Openings, can be changed in the properties to let light through or not.

Multiple Images for Fill Feature

Fill Features can now have multiple images shown. In the Feature properties, check the Cycle option and it’ll switch to a custom list to show instead of a single image.

Feature Search

We added a search tab to the Feature properties. This will search for any image in the selected Art Set with that word in the filename.

Feature Stroke

A stroke can now be added around features. This is great for representing important landmarks or symbols!

Copy/Paste Properties Across Similar Items

Properties can now be copy and pasted across similar items. For instance, you can copy the properties of a Closed Area and paste it onto a Wall so that the two items match, or copy the properties of a River to a Lake (water Tool) .

Override Shorelines Per Landmass

You can now select which landmasses have shorelines drawn around them in the Shoreline options.


We added translations for Spanish and German. Please let us know if you notice any issues with them!

Also, we set everything up so we can add new languages with feature releases (French is at the top of our list).

Multiple Changes

As always, we also fixed many small issues, made improvements to the UI and added other small functional changes. This list below is just some of them:

  • Added notarization for macOS Catalina
  • Added support for dark theme for macOS Catalina
  • Added option for grid label separator.
  • Added blend modes for textures.
  • Added option for map to be centered on window when zoomed out.
  • Fixed high resolution monitor issues
  • Fixed various UI issues with macOS and Linux.

What do you think of the changes? Thank you for your continued support!

– The Three Minds Software Team


  1. These changes look great, I love this software so much and I’m happy to see this update. Thank you!


  2. All these new features look great, but that scatter fill feature is a true life-saver. I’m was on feature item #2500 with all the forests around and it was getting really ridiculous, but thanks to this I can just swap out those tree items to single fill paths!

    Great stuff, keep it up guys and girls!


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