V1.0.4 Released

Hello Everyone!

We’re back to doing more frequent releases with a few new features and issue fixes. We are aiming to continue this and have another minor release out within the next two months.

Windrose Tool

This version adds a customizable windrose network tool

More Options for Generated Borders

We added the ability to have a texture for the generated borders and selection of more options so you can create more custom borders for your map.

Export Area

We added a new export option to make it easier to export just one section of your map

Add/Subtract to Fill Feature

Added add and subtract modes for the fill feature area so it’s easier to create holes, modify and have more custom shapes for them.

Smaller Additions

  • Added passive scrolling support for layers window
  • Added more options for advanced settings
  • Expanded Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Paste via shortcut now places to cursor position when valid
  • Added processing of viewbox and defs to SVG art resources
  • Added option for center based on bounding box
  • And fixes several issues for Windows, OSX and Linux

– The Three Minds Software Team (Stephanie, Katie and Alejandro)

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