Second OSX Beta Release and General Update

Hello everyone! We have several things to update you on as we move into August.

To begin, Beta version 0.8.2 for OSX is out! For those who have already purchased OWM you can download it using the link from the previous Mac release notification. This release fixes many of the issues from the first Beta and adds new functionality.

We’re planning for our next release to be our cross platform release. That will bring the OSX and Windows versions into parallel with each other. It will also include a lot of new functionality from our original design goals and requests from you!

Linux users, we haven’t forgotten you! We ask Linux users to please let us know which distribution of Linux you are using. We have plans to start testing Linux later this month!

Thank you all for your support!

-Three Minds Software Team


  1. I currently run the Windows version of OWM in a VirtualBox Win10 Guest VM, but a native port will be much better. I run 64-bit Gentoo Linux.


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