V0.9.2 and Basic Version

We added a basic version of Other World Mapper with limited artwork and only overland mapping tools. Of course the full version with dungeon and city tools is still available.

Also, V0.9.2 has been out for a few weeks now. We’re are currently working on the next release candidate with more functionality, more artwork and fixing issues reported in our previous release.

– Alejandro


  1. I probably should have asked this before bought it but how do we find out/download the updated editions?

    I’m absolutely loving the software – and I’m very keen to get the new features and art when they’re available.

    I’ve basically become king nerd of my local group, I suspect you’ll be seeing more sales 🙂


    1. Tim,

      Hello! And thank you for the question 🙂

      Right now you’ll receive email updates with the release announcement and download information. If you didn’t get an email update, it’s possible it ended up under spam. Just let us know and we’ll reactive it/re-send it.

      We normally announce new releases in our FB and G+ pages, as well as the forums.

      We’re also internally testing (optional) automatic updates, so hopefully they will make it to a release in the near term.

      – Alejandro @Three Minds Software


    2. And thank you for the kind words! 🙂 We’re very happy to hear you are liking OWM so much!

      Remember that we are always open to feedback, via the forums, email, etc. So if you have any feedback or suggestions we’d love to hear them.

      – Alejandro


  2. Greetings,

    I tried OWM’s Demo and I loved it. I own an expensive CC3 and CC3+, but the later is a nightmare to any decent person, who is not a CAD pro by trade.

    So a few questions here, in order to decide shall I make a purchase or not:

    – while drawing landmasses which are no “islands”, but extent beyond the map’s border with the corresponding feature checked one still have to finish the shoreline on the same side of a map border, so you cannot “cut” a corner.

    – while drawing rivers the ‘tributaries’ are automatically picking the style of a ‘big river’, instead of being thinner (but I absolutely LOVE the thinning feature!)

    – will there be additional artwork in a “paid” version?

    – can I import custom brushes and/or artwork, developed for a map-making in PhotoShop?

    – can you control the number, thickness etc of a shorelines of an inland water masses, like inland seas or lakes?

    Many thanks in advance!


    1. Nick,

      Very happy you are loving the demo! For your questions:
      1. If I’m following correctly, you have two options in that case
      a. When drawing the landmass select the checkbox for “Snap to Edge.” This will draw the landmass to go past the edge of the canvas.
      b. Draw the landmass inside the canvas then move it to be partially outside the canvas. It won’t get clipped, it will still be there just unseen.

      2. I may be missing your question, but you can chance the size of the river from the river properties. Or are you asking if you can disable the auto thinning feature? If so, that’s a good point. We can try adding that to a future release (And of course you can draw the tributaries yourself segment by segment).

      3. There is a ton of artwork in the paid version (you can see the details in the “Buy Now” page, under “see details” for the two versions.

      4. You can use the Art Manager under Tools to import new artwork. It can be in any of the format supported by OWM: typical image (png, bitmap, tiff, etc) and SVG. OWM is completely open so you can use any artwork you want to bring into it (including artwork you purchased from ProFantasy/CC3).

      5. Yes, the lake shorelines are controlled form the properties of the lakes themselves. The current version doesn’t have all the options, but the upcoming release will match the options available to that available for the overall/landmass shorelines.

      Thank you for the questions! Just let us if we missed anything or if something didn’t make sense 🙂

      – Alejandro


      1. Hi Alejando,

        thank you so much for your prompt reply. I played a bit more w/demo, and I’m just trying to clarify some thing. First of all, I apologize for my poor wording. What I mean w/rivers:

        – lets say, you start a thinning (spearlike) river with inner line going along it inside (pretty much like a shorelines). It looks fantastic, awesome feature; then I’m trying to add a thinner rivers joining the big one, so I’m choosing a lesser one, without a line inside. However, when I click on a ‘big’ river with a smaller one, the latest picks up properties of a big one. So now I have a much broader ‘tributary’ also with a line inside, pretty much like the ‘estuary’ of a first one, instead of a thin, and thinning more, river.

        I tried to use “segment editing tool”, but it does not change the major drawing style. So my “narrow river” is still “broad” and carries the characteristics of a big one.

        I’m absolutely no expert in Photoshop, so I failed in my attempts to import its “mountain brushes”.

        Anyway, OWM, in my opinion, is all what a normal person needs without becoming an expert in PS or CC3.

        Great job, guys!


        1. Nick,

          You are welcome! And no need to apologize, loving the questions. They help us see what people want and help us update our website and documentation 🙂

          * About the rivers. I understand now. No, in the current release there is no way of changing the properties of individual “branches” of an open path item (i.e. rivers, roads, etc). We have it in our to do list, but it’s not scheduled for the upcoming release.

          * If the brushes/mountains are in Photoshop’s .ABR format you would have to export them to png first. Often when you download/buy Photoshop brushes they also give you the option of downloading the .png files, do you know if that is the case for those? There are also some tools out there to convert from .ABR to png.

          * And as I said before, you should be able to use the artwork from CC3. I’m pretty sure most of it is in image formats.

          Again thank you for the kind words and the questions!!

          – Alejandro


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