V0.9.3 Released and Moving Forward into the New Year

We hope everyone enjoyed the Holidays and had a great New Year! We released version 0.9.3 last month. Among other things this version includes a lot of UI finalizing that we hope will make the program even more user friendly. That includes the redesign of the Point and Segment edit tools being merged into a single “Shape” edit tool and the addition of branch editing. We also added fixed proportion setting to all shape based tools, allowing you to enter a specific height and width you want items like buildings to be.

This version also includes our final promised art set from our Kickstarter campaign. The Horror Adventure mini set is inspired by Lovecraft and other old tales of horror.

Horror Map
Map using Horror Adventure mini art set


Moving forward into the new year, we’re focusing heavily on a Mac/Linux alpha release. Thank you to all the Mac and Linux users who have been following us since the Kickstarter for all your support and patience!  Of course we’ll also continue addressing bugs and adding features to the Windows version.

We’re looking forward to another exciting year of progress and we hope you’ll stick with us for it!


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